If you are like most mid-size businesses, it has no resources and is not inclined/viable to employ an internal IT team dedicated to NAV management. Starting with a reliable on-boarding and knowledge transfer process , we will collaborate with you to develop a service framework that addresses all your business needs, while also supporting you with the ability to broaden the service model on a call/ticket as your business needs grow. 

Navision Dedicated Managed Service

Crucible will provide assistance with a specific number of skilled  certified professionals who will make specific and exclusive attempts to requests / queries by the client. Because the duration of the services is blocked , the user shall be billed the whole Man-hours. The amount of man-days of assistance in each month is fixed and the minimum contract duration shall be at least 6 months, in which the remaining man-days will not be continued for the next month.

Within Dedicated Services, there are 2 options :  SLA based & Resource Augmentation

NAV Dedicated Services to SLA:


Crucible will be responsible for the work of project managers for the management of the SLA and the warranty and management of resources deployed. The SLA for such services will be as defined by the Support SLAs and the day-to-day use would be based on the Criticality of the issues registered by the Customer.

NAV Skillset/Resource Augmentation


Staff Increase: The customer is responsible for the activities of the assigned resources in this model. The deliverables, SLA and the guarantee for the service provided are not the liability of Crucible. In the normal working season, during normal business hours and sundays, as well as holidays, Crucible can bill for FTE services during compliance with working hours[ day] and prices.

NAV Shared Services Model

These resources are used for a number of clients (for similar services) each working day during the service period. Since the time used by the resources is spent in different clients, only the time spent in their respective resources is accounted for and charged for specific issues / ticket resolution.