CSR Activities takenup : 


We are conscious about our social responsibilities as a result we have partially adopted few needy villagers at Jambudke, Madkejam, Vilholi & Malegaon near Nashik.

We have helped farmers Vijay Apsunde, Deepak Apsunde, Niwritti Apsunde,Ganpat Vadje, Manoj Khandvale, assisting them in farming with financial support & helping them sell their farm produce at a right price through exporters in Mumbai, building house, toilet for a farmer who has 18 year old girl child and using open air for toilet, funding for their girl child's higher education ( Engineering), helping farmers get their legal hassle settled working at grassroot level weekly basis monitoring.


We simply dont fund the project but we get into operational level helping farmer buying fertilizer and fungicide etc so that we know where we are investing and ensuring the right utilization of the invested money.

Giving back to society

Help Homeless


Helped 3 farmers building their home and one toilet for 1 farmer



Funded for 2 girl child of Madkejam for their higher education & employment

Works in village


Helps 5 villagers of Madkejam & Jambudke at Dindori District of Nashik

Legal Assistance 


Helped 2 farmers get rid of legal hassle and restored their social respect

Engagement model with villages


Financial & Operational Support:

  • Ongoing Financial support for farming and associated activities.

  • Organizing assistance getting irrigation. 


Education & Employment :

  • Assist in getting children educated 

  • Organizing the teenagers getting job


Legal & Medical Support:

  • Getting Govt benefits to farmers

  • Getting farmer support in case of legal,healthcare related issues 

Why crucible with farmers

India needs farmers to feed the population :


With the increase of industrialization the farmer community is hugely migrating to cities leaving their land for a consistant income .



Marginal farmers are still struggling:


All the govt policies still couldnt reach the needy class ,the uneducated farmers who holds small land bank and market is volatile . 


India needs quality food :


Farmers need to be educated to use organic method of farming and market their quality crop produce. 

CSR Works to showcase

House built 

Rehabilitating Vijay Apsunde from shad to RCC house at Zambudke Viillage of Dindori Nashik build by Crucible in 2018

Toilet made

Toilet built for Mrs Apsunde having 18year old girlchild used to use open air for their regular toilet

Farming assistance

Farming assiatance to Madkjam & Jambudke Village, Dindori , Nashik -puja at first harvest of chilli