About Crucible

 Who we are

Crucible NX

We are a group of professionals joined hands together to form an innovative consulting organization. Each of us founders bring in 20 years of grassroot level experience into our service offering. The very name CRUCIBLE we have carefully selected as we feel, like a real crucible which can resist extreme temperature to that extent that the content inside it melts when subjected to temperature but crucible itself doesnt, each of the professionals of CRUCIBLE has faced all the pressure and extremity of projects during their professional life as employee, that we have got seasoned to all extremity and we have become more matured and strong to handle any project related exigencies. Moreover working at a customer facing role we have realised what is customers' pain for which all projects gets into trouble,which we have tried to eliminate in our endeavor so the suffix "NX" which signifies  " Next generation Experience".


Our promise is TRANSPARENCY and EXPERIENCE to our customer.

Journey we covered


2015 , The inception of Crucible happened as a consulting  associate .

2017 , It formally took the shape of a company serving  SAP & Microsoft technology for ERP , CRM , Mobility & App Development both in India  & UAE. 



2019, Crucible realised that there are enough and more small and medium growing companies are there in India who wants to have professional services but cant efford to hire fulltime professionals like CFO or CTO , so we launched the shared CFO & CTO service as a knowledge process outsourcing wing of Crucible.

In technology wing we have embarked in IOT, RPA , AI and ML including a new partner in our organization  to speerhead that Digital Transformation initiative.

Management Team

Dr Chitta R.

Founder & Managing Director


Founder Director