IoT for Predictive Maintenance (PdM4.0) for Higher Machine Availability, Higher Machine Throughput, Lesser Rejections/Rework, Optimized OEE

 IoT for Remote Asset Condition Monitoring for Real Time Monitoring of Machines, Less Spare Inventory for Machine Maintenance, Less TAT for Machine Maintenance, Less need to Troubleshoot Onsite, Proactive Service Call through integration with CRM, Analytics to Detect Anomalies for abnormal fluctuation of parameter value



IoT for Connected Shop Floor & Improved Operations (Industry 4.0) for Productivity improvement by 5% over a period of 12 months,  Direct data ingestion into SAP/Infor like ERPs, reduced manpower requirements for data entry and improved data accuracy

IoT for Real Time Visibility & Optimization of Production Line Efficiency for 40% lower cost as compared to a glass industry MES, Significantly improved line efficiency., Loss stratification provides insights on improvement initiatives



IoT for Traceability of Components on Shop floor for  compliance with statutory regulations in a short period of time in an extremely cost effective manner, Negligible impact on assembly line TAKT time.