It is high time to simplify your routine. Dynamics 365  BC has all the functionality that almost everyone in your healthcare clinic business needs to take into account. Through marketing, financial services, logistics and customer service. 


Objective :


  • Implement software for Cost Automate module

  • Eliminate the manual interventions and reduce chances of errors & omissions

  • Timely and accurate data with historical records

  • Assist Management decision making

  • Compare cost among various business models/channels & centers.

"CliniQNX" on Ms Business Central


Methodology for Costing :


•  Identification of Business models/channels with link with various centres.


•  Import of revenue & cost from LIMS, HIS, Sun Systems & HR.


•  Provision for inputting nominal costs/adjustments manually.


•  Identify cost drivers for allocation of Fixed Cost (Direct/Indirect)


•  Bifurcation of Cost of each center in Variable, Direct fixed  and Indirect fixed


•  Identify cost drivers for allocation of Fixed Cost (Direct/Indirect).


•  Creation of Budget definition in BC enabling periodic comparison with Actuals.

"CliniQNX" for cost control


• Unlike the general ledger, cost accounting captures and evaluates the effective operational costs


•  Precisely analyze the costs per cost center & cost object, create a dependable foundation for the cost accounting 


•  Cost centers are often departments and profit centers that are largely responsible for costs and income


•  Overhead costs are first posted to cost centers, such as a sales department that sells several products at the same time and then charged to cost objects. 


•  Direct costs can be directly allocated to a cost object, such as a material purchase for a specific product.