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How Hyperautomation helps your business transform !


Hyperautomation stitches  disparate technology solutions on a single platform within the enterprise and harvests the total power of integrated automation.It involves automating as many procedures and jobs as is practical within a company. Using BPMS and a low-code/no-code development environment, it is an intelligent integration of tools and technologies like RPA, Big Data, and AI/ML, combined with digital and dynamic workflows. Businesses employ these technologies to automate procedures without involving humans.

It also enables better, cheaper, and faster solution development with 30% reduced effort and cost with Low-code / No-code development environment .

How is it different from Automation ?


Automation typically takes place on a smaller scale, with solutions for each specific task. However, the term "hyperautomation" refers to the employment of numerous automated methods, like machine learning and robotic process automation, to automate operations in order to achieve automation scales. To become more agile and resilient, organisations today are looking to go beyond automation efforts.

Hyperautomation originated as a result of the need for a more deliberate, disciplined approach to automation that went beyond automating business operations in silos and was applied across the enterprise. Hyperautomation is the expansion of automation with an additional cognitive layer that enables machines, technology, and people to collaborate to deliver value-centric services to customers. In comparison to alternative automation systems, which have a significantly higher total cost of ownership because of their fragmented nature.


“As per Gartner, by 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining Hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes.”



Robotic Process Automation

Process Automation

Digital/Virtual Assistance

Intelligent Document Processing


Community-driven Development

Low-code/No-code tools

Drag-drop feature



  Enterprise Integration

Built-in Connectors​

Data in Motion

Service Orchestration


How Hyperautomation helps an Orgaization to Transform :


Hyperautomation offers countless benefits. Enterprises want the proper tools to elevate their personnel from routine, repetitive jobs as a result of how digital transformation is changing old business models and customers' increasing expectations. Organizations may free up their crucial resources from these activities with the aid of hyperautomation, which also makes them technological partners and stakeholders in advancing their core businesses in an environment where competition is on the rise.


Hyperautomation offers the simplification, automation, and management of complex workflows inside a business since it unifies the top automation technologies on a single platform.


Through greater efficiencies, improved customer experiences, informed decision-making, higher agility, and cost optimization, it can have a substantial positive impact on the entire value chain.


Value delivered through Hyperautomation 

Faster ROI & Adoption :

Enables customers to get outcomes within 8-10 weeks of automation enablement using an Agile approach.

Future Proof:

Promotes best of breed environment so that the customer is not tied down to one type of technology.

Seamless Customer Journey:

Unlike the specific technologies that solve one automation problem, Crucible.IQ enables an integrated and seamless automated customer journey throughout the process and across different systems

Empowering Workforce:

With the help of hyperautomation, employees are able to work faster, within the resources that are available and with much fewer errors. 

Accelerated Digital Transformation:

It unifies all the diverse technologies within the organisation and aids in maximising integrated automation's full potential by facilitating the creation of automated applications more quickly.

Non intrusive :

The solution works in conjunction with the customer's environment's current automation technology.

Where we can use Hyperautomation in an Organization !


Hyperautomation is designed to simplify processes. By merging duties performed by many divisions, gathering all data and procedures under a single platform would increase the efficiency of the entire firm. As a result, it can be used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, BFSI, retail, and many more. With tools like remote monitoring and digital health aid, to name a few, hyperautomation can assist the healthcare sector in providing better patient-centric care experiences. A significant percentage of labor-intensive, time-consuming manual processing can also be reduced with the help of inventory management and claims processing.


Similar to this, organisations in the retail sector will discover a plethora of advantages including customising the buying experience, lowering cart abandonment, warehousing & inventory, supplier management, risk management, and many more when they start leveraging hyperautomation.


Use cases of Automation !


  • How about if you can know in your large warehouse in which corner, in which rack lies which material that also using your mobile/computer.
  • How about you give your B2B  customer, status update of his product's manufacturing , packing, shipment status !
  • What if the freshfruit exporter knows the status of his contract farms' fruit growth/sugar content realtime on mobile !
  • What if importer of fruit has a visibility of fertiliser/fungicide/insecticide been administered in his contract farm of exporting country on his mobile !
  • What if the Cargo owner has realtime info of Refer truck's temp, location in which his fruit is travelling , even when the vehicle passes through a no signal zone!
  • Logistic service provider ? Howabout Fleet Maintenance & Document Management , Simbased Vehicle Tracking increasing 25% of vehicle utilization !
  • Know how many persons are passing by your store and howmany are entering your store for how long without even knowing their mobile number  !
  • Send a Flash Message to a person crossing your storefront with a "30 Min Buy Promo" & upsell to a person who didnt even had a plan to buy ! 
  • Know against which showcase in your store prospective buyer are spending more time and mechandise accordingly ! 
  • How much time people are standingin in queue of billing counter & howmany are abandoning their buying plan .
  • How do you know about  number of footfall , male/female, Mongolian/Dravidian/Aryan has visited your store , IOT is there to solve the problem !
  • Howabout a store retails the dravidian Female, only those relevant designs of jewellery/merchandise & closes the sale transaction faster !
  • Howabout the scenario when you know which bearing/component of machine is  in needs change and do proactive maintenance !