What we do?


Helping Mitigate Industry Challenges


Crucible is helping companies to alleviate the challenges of their industry, reach business goals, drive sustainable growth by providing integrated business management solutions with ERP / CRM / BI tool / IOT/ RPA . We offer custom solutions that profit from our global presence, our knowledge of the industry and our experience in business consulting.

Hospitals & Life Sciences 


Crucible provides a single approach for optimizing business performance, compliance with regulations and driving development whether you are interested in biotechnologies, pharmaceutics, nutraceutical or medical devices. From start-up to established multi-site manufacturer, the company will build on and benefit from an integrated solution that develops with you.

Food Processing & Commodity Industry


The food manufacturing and distribution industry is extremely diverse.  In the face of a fluctuating consumer demand, slim margins, strict government regulations, different raw material variabilities and capacity constraints, food manufacturers and distributors operate in a very intricate environment where they are constantly looking to satisfy their final consumers and yet operate profitably.

Crucible offering based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM offer a range of strong applications that provide food manufacturers and distributors with a potent range of technologies. These integrated applications can be deployed quickly and cheaply without complicated customization..

Service Industry

The marketing of intangible goods is a constant challenge for service-driven companies. Business undertakings are expected to forecast and execute projects / business assignments on time to meet and surpass the consumer requirements in order to allow productivity. You want full visibility in your entire value chain–internally, externally and with your stakeholders–in a project-oriented or service-based company. You will expand the business at a lower cost and offer higher value. Crucible approach is rooted with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM and delivers value to industry like legal, consultancy, IT services, entertainment, advertising, marketing, engineering, construction, architecture and construction services.

Manufacturing Industry


Crucible's Microsoft Dynamics ERP based production software solutions were developed for businesses with complex business structures that need consistency in order processing. Our expertise in this sector can help to ensure that your business is managed consistently and transparently, while improving customer response. Crucible offers a complete range of manufacturers' functions to respond to various types of production environments and strategies, offering visibility for efficient and effective business choices.