Jewelry Software Features

Metal & Diamond inventory Tracking & BOM control

Inventory system can instantly inform you whether you are in stock of enough precious metal  or gold and diamond to begin production , when and what to buy, how much precious metal you may get that you hedged

Shop Floor Control Waste management

Get a concise detailed summary of your manufacturing activities so that you effectively control your capital . Planning tool helps to minimize metal loss/wastage  during production process.

Smart Priority-Based Production Planning

Cast your jewelry Jig making or Tree making organized based on customers order. Mix orders of multilple customers and optimize casting plan 

Outsource Manufacturing

Crucible allows you to keep control of the systems that have been outsourced. Manage party Gold or own Gold , finished good Jewelry, Diamond, Findings at variety of locations quickly.

Support Make to Order or to Stock jewelry production 

Save the jewelry BOMs and let Crucible make automated stock adjustment for jewelry, measure running costs, allocate the raw stock, sub-assemblies.


Comes with POS Software through which you can manage your CRM, estimate, billing, repair order, with option for Mobile & touchscreen, Loyality, GSS, Barcode ,RFID enabled.

Multi-Channel & Multi-Location

Centralize the order into one digital interface and achieve product exposure across several platforms. Monitor the status of many batch of orders at different locations and stocks of jewelry in different warehouses.

Catalogue Management

Category wise different product catalog can be maintained here. Also, User can update catalogue information anytime anywhere..