• Comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) from Basic Employee Information, qualification, previous job experience, past emoluments, document management, Language to skill set with group mediclaim management.
  • Creation of fields as per user choice & user definable Mandatory field selection.
  • Robust & Flexible Salary structure to address location specific critical pay policies.
  • Import Module to migrate huge amount of existing data including masters along with monthly payroll data of past months.
  • Flexible Leave, Loan & Reimbursement Management.
  • Monthly payroll process, Payslip mass email to employees, Bank Transfer soft files & Letters with Salary & Wage Registers.
  • Advanced Supplementary & Arrears Calculation Module.
  • Retrospective Impact of Increment with arrears calculation & statutory posting in challan & returns.
  • Monthly Headcount Analysis with Payout, Monthly Reconciliation & Graphical Representation of data.

Statutory Compliance


a. Up to date statutory compliance covering P.F. / P.T. / E.S.I.C. / L.W.F. / Income Tax / Bonus / Gratuity & Encashment Provisions.

b. Income Tax calculation as per Old Tax Regime & New Tax Regime.

c. Generation of password protected Form16 with mass email to employees.

d. Integration with Tally ERP / Accounting Software for Monthly Salary & Provisional JV through standard interface.


MIS & Advanced Features:


a. CAGR Report to track Employee Growth in the organization

b. Info-graphic dashboards on various parameters like Age, Gender, Experience, CTC, Marital Status, Blood Group, etc

c. Financial Dashboards for Month wise Payout Comparison, Cost Center wise Last Month Payout

d. User design-able Payslip Format & CTC Letter

e. User design-able Letter Format for any employee communication along with auto emailing

f. Employee Growth Analysis with Historic CTC, Promotion, Transfer & Increment.

g. Full & Final Settlement with recovery of assets & revoking the charges of employee.

h. Report Writer Module to address any complex report requirement.

i. Advanced & Secured data security policies to create user profile, assign rights, tracking their activity, user log report with freeze of process data at month end.

j. Flexibility to configure the setup as per requirement.

k. Employee Assets allocation features with Recovery during FNF.

l. Letter writing feature to manage employee correspondence in detail.


Employee Self Service

a. Gateway Module to create & manage employee profile with status By ADMIN of system.

b. Stringent Password Policies for data protection.

c. Compatible with Single Sign On / Active Directory & LDAP Integration.

d. HR Dash board Polls, Thought of Day, News & Events, Organization Chart and Holiday Calendar etc.

e. Comprehensive Policy Document Management for up to date information to employee on Company Rules, Vision Mission Statement etc.

f. Employee Profile View, Edit with update of photo & Approving process by HR to update Master Database.

g. Leave Balances with drop down to ledger level view.

h. Loan Balances with drop down to ledger level view, Repayment Schedule & available respective balances of various Loans.

i. Reimbursement details with ledger level view, vouchers status & available of various Reimbursement heads balances.

j. Current CTC View, Current & Historic Payslips along with Summarized payslip & Monthly Comparison Report for Financial Year.

k. Download payslip, Tax projection to save on local drives.

l. Employees can compare their Income Tax calculation as per Old Tax Regime & New Tax Regime.

m. Submit Income Tax Investment Declarations online.

n. Approval of Declaration Amount by HR.

o. Employee wise Income Tax Projection report on Investment declarations.

p. Photo gallery to share photographs of any event & occasion to the employee.

q. Comprehensive Employee document management with Upload & down load facility by employee which will be approved by HR / Admin.

r. Employee can view list of assets allocated to them.

s. Organization chart based on mapping of hierarchy.

t. Previous Job Salary Update by Employees.

u. Employee Search Directory will allow to locate various contact details of employee spread across various geography.

v. Dashboard Light menu will allow to highlight key activities to be compulsory displayed to employees before landing to homepage.

w. Organization Corporate View will allow employees to view holistic information about the other employees in organizational.

x. Loan Adjustment Module will allow employees to place request for alteration in specific month deduction, post approval transaction will be posted in payroll process.

y. Mass email communication with employees to convey events & announcement.

Work Flow

a. Approval Level Creation to manage process management.

b. Module wise approving process to manage transaction with life cycle of each application.

c. User Friendly Employee Mapping process on reporting with organization hierarchy.

d. Work Transfer Module to cover transaction forwarding to alternate approver or revoke responsibility of HOD leaving organization.

e. Transaction tracking feature for employee & HODs for progress of application status.

f. Transaction management module for better control of pending items.