Dedicated MODEL



Project Manager

SLA Based

TAT 4 Hours Response

9AM- 6PM service

Skill Augmentation



Client Manages Project

No SLA Commit

Client Defined SLA

Client Business Hr Service 

Shared MODEL


No Project Manager

Non SLA Based

TAT 8 Hour Response

9 AM - 6PM service



Dedicated Service Model:


Crucible will delegate a specific group of people assisting the customer's calls during the engagement time, each day of the job, explicitly and exclusively. The whole 8 Man-hours a day are billed to the customer because the period of the resources is blocked exclusively.


Two options we can offer :


Dedicated Services with SLA:

       Crucible will be accountable for PM activities and SLA, maintenance and control of the services deployed. The SLA for such services is defined by the supporting SLAs and the day-to-day use is based on a critical approach to the customer's issues.


Staff Augmentation:

       The client handles the tasks of the delegated services in this model The deliverables, the SLA and the guarantee of the service given will not be owned by Crucible. In accordance with working hours / day and rates within normal working hours, excluding ordinary work hours, weekends and days, Crucible will charge for engaged resources.




Shared Services Model :


Crucible resources are used by a set of customers opting for similar services every day during the operating span. Since time is spent on the services by different customers, only time for specific problem / ticket settlement is accounted for by their respective resource / s. SLA applies to those models only which consumes opts for 10 service tickets per month.


Shared Services with SLA:

       Crucible will be responsible of PM efforts and the SLA, guarantee and the governance of the resources used. The SLA for these services is as identified by the service SLAs and the routine use of such resources is centered upon the critical nature of the customer's recorded issues. In very exceptional cases only,under special contract of shared service model of Crucible of if clinet opts for 10 service tickets per month will be governed by SLA.


Shared Services without SLA:

       In this model, Crucible is responsible for PM efforts since management of manpower is considered necessary. No SLA monitoring or tracking will be feasible, however. By default all Shared Service Model of Crucible is without SLA.




Support Activities Undrtaken:


Under Scope & purview of SLA :


  • Management of daily activities for smooth operations, according to knowledge or information, in the present application 

  • Generating database queries for quick analysis or reporting

  • To insure that clients are aware of the current application's functionality / discipline / data specifications

  • In case of dedicated service model, SLA applies for every ticked raised.

  • In case of shared service model, SLA applies for service tickets if monthly shared service of minimum 10 ticket is opted as per contract.


Under scope but outside the purview of SLA : 


  • Any statutory patches for deploying with customer's request according to the agreed plan.

  • Defects / Bugs in the standard application will be resolved by delivering new application objects received from software product vendor SAP or Microsoft or corrected by Crucible in accordance with the agreed plan. It should be clearly understood that vulnerabilities in the standard product will be attempted for "best effort" resolution, since the primary responsibility for their resolution rests with Microsoft /SAP.

  • Hot fixes offered for their utility shall be checked. In accordance with the mutually agreed plan, hot fixes considered necessary and approved by the client representative shall be installed.

  • Change or Service request beyond the current state of application including but not limited to new document/ MIS report development or modification / enhancement of existing documents/ MIS reports

  • Help for clients in quarterly / half yearly / annual processes such as the closure of the fiscal year, the accounting and phase count, based on a client advance intimation of at least three weeks (this time is required for identification and mobilization of resources with necessary skill set)

  • Guide Customer  ' Procedures and documentation ' System level and user level maintenance

  • Guidelines for effective use of ERP (parameter settings) on day-to-day database management. All such improvements to practices are required to be monitored and reviewed by the consumer periodically.

  • Crucible would advise the technical team of the client on daily operations of Microsoft /SAP , such as user ID management, desktop installation of the ERP clients, handling of permissions, text and creation of the user dialog on a required basis. This will involve the creation of new users, removal for pensioners / resigned workers, changes to the role changes, process changes, maintaining authorizations for users and maintaining an authorization matrix for control.

  • Shift of Customizations, settings or new design While operations NOT provided by Crucible.




Various Type of Support SLAs 


The following are the typical SLAs for Support proposals. The specific severity level of a particular issue/ticket request shall be identified by the Customer in consultation with Crucible resources .


In case of dedicated service model, SLA applies for every ticked raised.

In case of shared service model, SLA applies to for service ticket if monthly shared service of 10 ticket is opted for by the client in contract.


High Criticality : 


First Response Time    for Dedicated Service 30 Min     and         for Shared Service 2 Hours       

Resolution Time            for Dedicated service 2 Hour     and         for Shared Service 8 Hours


High Criticality: the incident causes significant service interruption, strong business disruption. No fix instantly usable. Several user groups have been impacted. The following attributes account for this kind of incident , such as :

1) Slow response of ERP /other deployed application affecting a group of users.

2) Some essential function may not function. (e.g. uploading of schedules, job lists, reports)


Medium Criticality :


First Response Time    for Dedicated Service 2 Hour     and         for Shared Service 4 Hours       

Resolution Time            for Dedicated service 4 Hour     and         for Shared Service 16 Hours


Medium Criticality: Local service interruption due to failure in configuration, system bugs or software corruption is triggered by the accident



Low criticality :


First Response Time    for Dedicated Service 4 Hour     and         for Shared Service 8 Hours       

Resolution Time            for Dedicated service 8 Hour     and         for Shared Service 32 Hours


Low criticality: Local service loss caused by flaws in users knowledge or control is the consequence of the accident.


Clients functional issue resolution will work on the basis of tickets they have raised .



Our Terms Customers Should Know :


  • Any plan selected out of Shared service plan is strictly restricted to the numbers of tickets mentioned , no questions asked.

  • Any extra ticket raised for that month will be charged as per the rate of shared service cost which is mentioned in the table above.

  • The package included service ticket expires every month that is , any unutilised service ticket of any particular month will expire at the end of month.

  • The minimum contract for dedicated support should be 22 man-days per month, for functional and technical consultant module separately

  • The above mentioned hours and time measurement would be based on the date and time the case is entered into the ticket management system

  • Service calls recorded in the last hour of the working day would be known as attending the next working day

  • Upon assessing and reviewing the respective issue, if there is a need for additional time to provide solutions due to the complexity of the issue, Crucible will make estimates to resolve the issue and submit to the customer for approval .

  • Once the customer formally endorses the effort, Crucible would take action against such requirement. Should there be any changes to the original requirement shared by the Customer, Crucible would re-estimate and Customer would be notified of any revised estimates.

  • Crucible will expect to receive feedback from the customer upto 3 working days after delivery of the solution, otherwise the system will automatically close the case even if the customer doesn't accept the solution after 3 days.

  • Old customization or non-Crucible developed interface resolution time would not be part of the SLA

  • For the Shared Services model, Crucible can not commit to the availability of the same resource previously deployed and the implementation at that point in time will depend on the available resource with the required skill. In terms of business requirement / process, the customer should be able to share the necessary details with the tool used for the operation.

  • The Resource is entitled to leave in accordance with Crucible's HR rules in the case of extended on-site deputation. However, during the planned long leave, Crucible will arrange to provide a replacement for the on-site resource. Crucible will keep the company aware of any such expected on-site asset leave in advance..

  • Until deploying to output, Crucible will conduct unit testing on cases; test results or test data will be provided when issue / ticket is resolved

  • Any cost mentioned is exclusive of taxes as applicable.

  • All suport are considered on remote support basis, any onsite support will attract travel , lodging & boarding Expenses at actuals  which client would need to pay.

  • Any extra ticket , beyond the package selected, used by our esteemed client are liable to pay for that ticket before raising the next service ticket.