Vendor Portal (VP) Features

Vendor registration

New vendor requirement

Purchaser creates link in VP 

Shares with vendor in VP

Vendor upload KYC 

Vendor onboarding

ERP upload item w.r.t vendor

Material reciept

Gate Entry based on ASN -VP

GRN based on Gate Entry- ERP

Quality inspection process


Purchase invoice posted in ERP


Materil rejection

Purchase Retuen order 

VP gets Return Shipment 

With VP optimize labor cost maximize productivity and increase efficiency. 
With VP, collaborate between Procurement, HR maximize engagements with services providers.
Float RFQ

Vendor update price & T&C  

RFQ updates backend ERP

ERP create purchase quote 

 PO Created in ERP

Approved PO updates VP

Create shipment details in ASN

Uploads invoice softcopy in VP

Notifies Purchaser 


Update Invoice in VP

Vendor payment in VP

In case of QC rejection

Purchase return update in VP

Debit Note update in VP 

VP engages
business with  eligible external talent with credential
 VP helps Build a Stronger Workforce and Ecosystem of Talent

Why "VENDY" Vendor Portal !

Manage Contingent workers

Our solution tracks and manages every stage of external workforce management: hiring managers requesting talent, selecting a candidate for a position, onboarding, time-and-material tracking, payment processing and offboarding the worker

Manage Contractors

Because contractors are a significant portion of the external workforce, you need a well-defined compliance program to mitigate risk. Vendy allows you to track and manage all non-traditional workers who are not tied to a job posting or SOW

business intelligence

BI uncovers critical data and insights so you can improve your external workforce and services procurement programs and enable better workforce planning  and reporting capabilities help you extract data to drive cost savings, efficiency

Timesheet & Expense Management

Vendy provides timesheet upload tool that can be integrated with third-party time-reporting tools. The tool ensures timesheet and invoice accuracy by recording accounting information such as cost centers, task codes and purchase order numbers on the order

Integration with any ERP

We support a variety of formats and protocols to facilitate rapid, repeatable integrations. Vendy has completed hundreds of integration projects with years of industry experience. With more than 100 integration points, we have an extensive history connecting with ERP