The director’s guide for replacing software

"Over 90% of consumers said they would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that uses outdated technology."


Source: Microsoft-commissioned research among 1,405 consumers, 2013.



Signs your basic accounting software or legacy systems are putting your business at risk 


•  You are wasting too much time dealing with multiple systems that can’t talk to each other.

•  Manual processes are error prone and can’t keep up with increasing demand despite added headcount.

•  Creating and configuring reports are too complicated, and often doesn’t give us the information we need.

•  Incomplete or incorrect information creates customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.

•  Increasingly stringent compliance and security concerns keep you up at night.

•  Productivity is lost - spending valuable time switching back and forth between multiple applications and disconnected systems.

Businesses of all sizes, including an increasing number of SMBs, are making the move to the cloud. 

Characteristics of a modern technology platform

  • Trusted technology provider : Creates security as a trusted, technology provider for businesses of all sizes around the world.
  • Enables mobility: Empowers a mobile workforce by delivering the same experience across devices, regardless of their location.
  • Fast from the start :Delivers an easy-to-learn solution that people just intuitively know how to use.
  • Comprehensive integration: Deploy one solution to manage your financials, sales & serviceas well as production and distribution with the ability to connect applications like payroll, banking apps, CRM systems, or custom APIs
  • Connects your entire business: Automatically pulls your systems and processes together so your people don’t have to.
  • Automates and secures business processes : Improve productivity and get more done with easy-to-create workflows, audit trails, and enterprise-level security—features that basic accounting software can’t provide.
  • Provide an end-to-end view of your business : Centralise your data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, the warehouse, and customer interactions to get an accurate end-to-end view of your business. All your data stays up to date so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences

Get ready to explore your options 


A few questions to ask when meeting with potential solution providers.


  • How easy is the solution to learn and use?
  • How will it integrate with our existing systems and applications?
  • If we deploy in the cloud, do we retain control over our data?
  • What will my price be after the initial contract expires? 
  • How easily can I add or remove users, and how is that reflected in my pricing?
  • How often do you provide product updates and can we control when the updates are deployed?
  • What is your track record for service after the sale?
  • Who do you have locally that can help us with implementation and ongoing support when needed?